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Boer Goats For Sale in Illinois

We do not have any slaughter kids available.

Our breeding does go in with the bucks on October 3, 2014. Watch for Spring 2015 kids. We will have fullblood and commercial kids available at that time. We do not have any does for sale at this time but if you see something that you feel would make a nice addition to your herd we will consider offers on any goats.
Please email us or fill out the contact form for more information.  If you give us a call PLEASE leave a message and we will get back to you just as soon as we have a free moment.
Thank you for visiting our site, we greatly appreciate it.
Also check out our links page for our breeder friends that may have what you are looking for.
Dale Thompson from Macomb, Illinois has really nice Fullblood Boers  309-333-1099
Matt Thompson from Macomb, Illinois has really nice Fainters 309-333-8500

We use this page to list our Boer Goats For Sale.
If you are interested in our Boer Goats for sale, Please fill out our contact form or send us an email.

SOLD Ninja (unregistered commercial buck)

Boer Goat Buck
 -  Sold!!
Born: May 1, 2014
Sire: NF13 Dozer
Dam: TCF08 Chastity

SOLD Ninja (unregistered commercial buck) - Boer Goat Buck



Powell/Holman 300T Ennobled
RM Bo Ennobled
NF13 Dozer
RM 481 Ennobled
Pettey Century Oaks Geetra
{ Petteys Wide Track
Brown's Farm Grace

SOLD Ninja (unregistered commercial buck)

LCBG Gandolf Ennobled

Lazy Raven LD

TCF08 Chastity

Lazy Raven Aurora

ROSE Trifecta Y338
S2 Captain Marvel Ennobled
Boer x

NF13 D16 Tig

Boer Goat Buck
Price: $600.00
Born: May 2, 2014
Sire: Dayhill Farm Bosco
Dam: Pettey Century Oaks Geetra

NF13 D16 Tig - Boer Goat Buck



Dayhill Farm Bosco
Dayhill Farm Princess Grace
{ CONI W636 Ross
NDR LA's Dream Girl

NF13 D16 Tig

Bodacious Hottentot ENNOBLED

Petteys Wide Track

Pettey Century Oaks Geetra

2SIS 10007883

Browns Farm Grace SA
Gatwood Farms Amigo
Grassland SA Lady 1

Due to our location, we are able to offer Boer Goats for Sale to people in many states, including Illinois.


We will accept Cash, Personal Checks with Verified funds, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and Bank Transfers via PAYPAL.

Namchick Farms Boer Goats

John and Lesa Namchick
3725 S Broadway Rd
Braceville, IL 60407


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Boer Goats for Sale in Illinois


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